Why Teach Robotics? New research published by CMU

As the presence of Educational Robotics in the classroom increases, so too do the responsibilities and concerns of educators, administrators, parents and students alike. How best can we utilize this new tool that is so rich with different, possible applications? How can we make time for robotics in an already jam-packed school day? These are questions Jason McKenna and co-authors Amanda Smith and Rajadurai Balasubramanian attempt to answer, by first qualifying the greatest potentialities afforded by Educational Robotics itself.

Join the authors in exploring the fascinating uses of Educational Robotics:

  • To understand our world
  • To teach integrated STEM education in novel ways
  • To teach Computational Thinking
  • To become comfortable with iteration and learn from failure
  • To be exposed to and learn about the jobs of the future

Click here to access Why Teach Robotics: Exploring the potential applications of robotics in a classroom setting, on Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Academy’s website.