VEX Rewind: February Recap

Groundhog day brought some good news in early February, as Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring. However, that wasn’t the only good news in February, as we were able to share some new updates and products all designed to help your classroom and competition teams.

Update to the VEX Knowledge Base

What’s new?

The Knowledge Base ( has a whole new look and feel. As regular readers know, we are constantly adding new articles about all things VEX robotics. Therefore, we wanted to improve the navigation to make sure that you could get whatever information you need as quickly and easily as possible.

Knowledge Base upgrades for February

Some of the improvements we made include:

  • A new organization system designed to make it much easier for you to navigate the Knowledge Base. When you first go to, you’ll see five main categories. Once you select a category, you’ll find different subcategories, such as Electronics and Mechanical. Many subcategories contain topics, which then contain individual articles.
  • Shortened the names of the article so it is easier for you to scan the articles in a particular section.
  • Breadcrumbs at the top of the article and the top of the page, making it easier for you to navigate around the site.
  • At the bottom of each article, you have other articles in the section and recently viewed articles. Once again, designed to help you find the information you need faster and easier.
  • Love one of the articles so much that you want to share it on social media? Now you can do that easily.

Why you’ll love it:

We’ve received a lot of great feedback since the first launch of the Knowledge Base. We feel like this new look and navigation the Knowledge Base should be even more helpful and easy for you to use. Additionally, we added some new articles in February:

We also have a new section designed to help you order. In the General category, there are a few new subcategories:

V5 Claw Kit

The V5 Claw Kit is now available for individual sale.

Why you’ll love it:

The V5 Claw Kit provides additional functionality to any robot build by allowing you to easily grab and manipulate objects. The V5 Claw Kit comes with a purchase of the Classroom and Competition Starter Kit and the Classroom Super Kit. However, we received consistent feedback on the desire to purchase the V5 Claw Kit individually, and now you can do just that.

VEXcode Update

What’s new?

During the month of February, we released the 1.0.9 version of VEXcode Blocks and the 1.0.4 version of VEXcode Text. Go here to download VEXcode Blocks or Text.

Why you’ll love it:

This latest update to VEXcode contains various fixes to help improve your experience while coding your VEX IQ and/or V5 robot. Some of the fixes include:

  • Resolved an issue where the Drivetrain device was generating incorrect code for the “wheelbase” and “track width” parameters.
  • Included an updated VEX Vision Utility to resolve issues when selecting a color region. Users can now drag in any direction when selecting the desired color region.
  • Resolved an issue where the “Enable”/”Disable” parameters for the “Controller Enable/Disable” block was inverted.
  • Resolved an issue where Gyro Sensors could not be calibrated for 4 seconds.
  • Updated numerous example projects and templates to set code and device parameters to correct values.

For a complete changelog, go here and select “Learn more about this version.”

Firmware Update

What’s new?

New Firmware: VEXos 2.1.5

Why you’ll love it:

Connecting a VEX IQ robot to your iPad and Android tablets just got a lot easier with this latest firmware update. Also, disconnecting the robot from the iPad or Android tablet and reconnecting is now a lot faster with this firmware update.

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