VEX Rewind: June Recap

Summer is here and so is your latest update from VEX Robotics!  June was a very busy month, so before we begin the July 4th festivities, let’s review the great things we released in June.


What’s new?

We released a big update to VEXcode in June.  You can now program your V5 robot with Python!  The full changelog for the 2.0 release can be found here.  Some highlights include:

  • Rebranded from “VEXcode V5 Blocks” to “VEXcode V5”
  • Added V5 Python support to VEXcode
  • Added V5 Python code viewer while in Blocks mode
  • Added ability to convert Blocks Projects to Python in VEXcode V5
  • Add support for V5 3-Wire Expander Smart Device
  • VEXcode V5 iPadOS support
  • Improved example projects and templates
  • Additional languages (German, Lithuanian, Rusian, Finnish, Turkey) added
  • Bug fixes and enhancements

Why you’ll love it:

You can now code your V5 Robot with Python.  Just like with VEXcode VR, we’ve added Python in a way that begins to make the transition between blocks and text-based programming easier.  Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, so we’re very excited to bring Python to V5 robots.  Moreover, we’ve repeatedly heard from teachers about the need for an easier way to transition students from blocks to Python–this latest update is designed to help.

To download VEXcode V5, go here.

Go and 123 STEM Labs

What’s new?

Incorporating new technology into your classroom can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a lot of work.  I remember how much time I spent looking for lessons, materials, and help when I first started teaching educational robotics in my classrooms.  This is why at VEX, we don’t just offer products, but we instead provide teachers and schools with solutions.  A great example of this is the teachers all over the world who are using STEM Labs to bring STEM education to their classrooms.  Now, you can begin seeing how you can utilize STEM Labs with both VEX GO and VEX 123.

Why you’ll love it:

CS with VEXcode VR Educator Certification Program

What’s new?

Teachers rarely have summers “off.” Instead, many take advantage of this time to pursue professional development opportunities in order to improve their craft. If you are a computer science teacher, or if you are interested in computer science professional development, this course is perfect for you.

Why you’ll love it:

Like all of our certification courses, the CS with VEXcode VR Educator Certification Program is available online and it is self-paced.  Take the course, how, when, and where you want.  Also, it’s free!  At the conclusion of the course, you have the opportunity to take the certification exam, earn a certificate, and collect continuing education hours.

Image of the CS with VEXcode VR Educator Certification

Here is a sample of the CS concepts and principles that you’ll learn with this course:

  • What is a programming language?
  • What are behaviors?
  • What is an Algorithm?
  • How do I use Loops and Conditional statements to change the flow of my project?
  • How do I use feedback from multiple sensors in an Algorithm?

The CS with VEXcode VR Certified Educator Program was developed in a way to help all learners achieve success. Each unit begins with an introduction to the learning objectives for that unit and the unit’s coding challenge. This creates a shared goal around the creation of a solution to the unit’s coding challenge, which requires an understanding of the CS principles from the unit.   Next, each of the skills needed to complete the challenge is decomposed into individual lessons.  The individual lessons then contain step by step instructions on the new CS concepts.

If you are completely new to teaching CS, this course is a great place to start.  If you are a more experienced CS teacher, this course will provide you with new insights on teaching CS.

It is easy to get started with any of our certification programs, and it is free.

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